Queensborough Movie Nights

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March 02

Coming Soon

March is Masterpieces that Begin with "M"

March 02
The Maltese Falcon
March 16
My Fair Lady
March 30

Movie Night

Movies Are Always Shown The First Saturday of the Month.

Otherwise Movies Are Shown On Saturdays
When The QCC is NOT Rented Out.

FYI: Movies are projected in 4K on a large screen, so it looks great!

Please visit this website the day before a scheduled showing to confirm that the movie is being shown!

Except for the first Saturday evening of the month, the QCC is available for rent on any day of the week at short notice.

So please check back here the day before to confirm that the scheduled movie will be shown!

Guests can bring their own snacks and drinks. Fresh popcorn is available for $2/bag, and $1 for bottled water.

There will be a brief introduction to the movie, which may include a short.

The movie is shown.

Closing Discussion
A short discussion may follow the movie.

Poster Sale or Auction
After the discussion we offer that night's movie poster for sale for $20, or auction it if more than one person is interested in it. (The poster frame can be purchased with it for $50, which is cheaper than buying it new at Michaels!)

Discs for Sale
DVDs and Blu-Rays are sold on a table at the back of the room before and after the movie.

Notice: Cellphones
Cellphone use can be a great annoyance to members of an audience enjoying a movie.
If you must bring it, turn it off. If you cannot turn it off (because, say, you're an emergency worker), put it on vibrate.
Please, we implore you, no cellphone use during the screening — the screening may be stopped while you are publicly shamed.

Pay As You Exit

There is no charge to attend a Queensborough Movie Nights screening!

Say you and your significant other want to have a nice date, so you decide to go to the movies. After you've bought the tickets, snacks, and maybe a drink, you've spent almost $100! And just to see a movie?! That's outrageous!

No wonder people stay home.

So now you can watch a movie — and a bona fide classic at that! — in beautiful Queensborough without worrying about the cost!

All we ask is that if you enjoyed the show, please leave what you wish in the donation box as you exit...

...so that we can continue to have our Movie Nights!

[Donations pay the licensing fees to legally show films in public, and fund operations costs.]

Location & Parking

Queensborough is located about ten minutes NE of the intersection of Highways 7 and 62 in Madoc. Here it is on Google Maps .

We're not that far! See next page for some regional distances.

— Parking —

for a larger view right-click and select "open image in new tab"

The QCC is at 1853 Queensborough Rd. Areas in Pink are parking areas. Wherever you park, it's a short walk to the QCC.

  • The QCC Parking Lot
  • On Bosley Rd. across from the church
  • Along the South side of King St.
  • Along the East side of Barry Rd.
  • Along the East side, by the river, of Queensborough Rd.


We in Queensborough think nothing of driving to Tweed or Madoc, as well as driving to Belleville or Peterborough on occasion when we want a shopping trip or a nice meal out; but apparently many residents of nearby localities think of Queensborough as being a serious trek to some outlying hinterland in a remote galaxy far far away. But we're not! Here are some driving times to Queensborough within our region.

for a larger view right-click and select "open image in new tab"


Queensborough, Ontario, is a lovely little rural hamlet, on the edge of the Canadian Shield, with a lot of history.

The Queensborough Community Center [QCC] is the heart of our community. Originally a one-room schoolhouse (attended by some local residents still living here!), it had its last class in 1966. After that it became a place to meet and congregate for a plethora of events and social gatherings.

Until September, 2023, the QCC had been closed for several years, partially due to disrepair. Now, with the renovations completed, we're all very excited to make use of it again!

The QCC can be rented for events, on short notice, and for a reasonable fee. On Saturdays when it is not rented it becomes a little theatre for our Queensborough Movie Nights. Though we will occasionally show more recent classics, our focus is on showing classic movies from before 1977 that have stood the test of time.

We have forgotten that watching movies was originally a social event. Our Movie Nights are a way to bring our community together, joined by friends from other nearby communities, for a fun, affordable evening of entertainment, culture, and shared times! Few things are as good for the soul as communal laughter and good cheer!

The Queensborough Community Center [QCC]
Waterfall & Black River in Autumn


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